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by meMARIUS WLASSAK from Munich Germany

This could and should be one final information you need to start a new life, so get a bit closer & oh yeah … are you sitting?…Cup of coffee on the desk ?

  • If yes, then read every word below
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Hey Hi, Hello, My Friends! Thanks for dropping by!

It really is appreciated!

It may have been a while since we really connected !

But I just feel what I am about to show you just may be of interest!

This is my invitation page for one of my friends exciting & promising new project:

The positions on offer will be closing soon which is a $97 Founders post!

Thus saving for now $900 to get a top placement before the final launch soon!

Plus many other benefits – optional – after joining us!

Plus… once approved you can then also invite other personal contacts!

That you show this also to, so they can be a Founder member as well.

Only via personal email or through social media private messages!
* No public posting as yet in chat rooms, forums, no ads, in Facebook groups, or pages, etc.

But do expect to be impressed !

!!! The Intro webinar link video URL’s are now offline and deactivated !

Reason being the launch involved is now live in Beta stage! So if they do not connect that is the reason why + if so we need to chat asap!

This is a BIG Break-through in Online Marketing & Income Solutions !

This idea is a 1-st in the industry & our system can do all the marketing for you!

It will build your team! It will also help you grow your business’s!

It sends traffic to your sites!

It Recruits!

It Converts!

It sells for us, in fact, everything is done for us.

Everything is Totally Automated! YES!
You are right if you said … Magical ?!
The Features, The Fairness, The Technology, The Whole Concept,
Is Mind-Blowing!
The key points for those who are not active recruiters are these:
… Top marketing automation done for you.
… Real time guaranteed visitors and sign ups done for you.

…. Breakthrough products to automate your financial freedom

… NO Requirements & NO recruiting (Unless you want to).
  • But there’s a lot more to it than that! Let’s connect asap!

!!! Note in BOLD !!! *

>>> INSTRUCTIONS <<<To request a Founder position

your Sponsor => is Marius Wlassak 

[ With my email  for future communication with me]

2. Payment options:

There is a huge advantage for founders as all will soon learn!

Via the upcoming updates from within your future back-office, all in one place.

The payment methods you can use to acquire a $97.00 Founder Position in this project are.
  • First is – Bitcoin

Plus Is for use by U.S.A. only people for now!

You can also use – Bank deposit/transfer (Bank of America) /

– Walmart2  Walmart etc.

  • First is – Bitcoin – But if that is not something you use! Just tell us and we can arrange for you to pay via PayPal through our team support!
  • Simply ask your sponsor Marius Wlassak as to how we can arrange that!
3. I believe that the acquisition of a founder position is the best move we all can make! 
As soon as I receive notice that you are a confirmed founder member I will send you a welcome message with more informations.

! Plus in time add you to our Facebook &/or Skype Groups

Here is a sincere message from one of the most experienced list managers

with whom I have been communicating with for many years now.

“Since I joined as a founder I have received numerous offers to join many other different ideas about this and that.

I agree with what is said above that this idea is most likely the only business that many people will be a part of once they see the results for life. ”

We believe from what we are now told about this new idea will not disappoint!

  •  I have been online and marketing for some 20+ years so far!

Plus this is a new kind of business , where even a newbie can finally make money.


Any questions you may have let me know asap!

  • These positions will soon be taken off the market!
It would be wise to see this fact  now and secure your place ahead of the crowds.

But that is just my opinion obviously!

  • … see how it all began in late summer of 2018

>>> 1 hour+ Special Webinar >>> 

My regards to you ‘n yours from me MW …

that’s me Marius Wlassak from Munich.


  • I agree with what is said above that this idea is most likely the only business that many people will be a part of once they see the results.

We believe from what we are now told about this new idea, it will not disappoint!

This new business idea when it is presented to all concerned online users will mean that even a newbie ( i.e. a new online person) can finally make money!  

It takes some finding, the trust in a creator of a new program, right!?

But for us it’s always been a paramount requirement!

Whatever you decide let’s try stay in touch moving forward for sure!

It’s a real shame that some people don’t see it yet, because they could

quite easily be ahead of the curve.

But even so, we know eventually, they will understand !

When all founder info sites will hit the net after launch. 

For now though! Any questions you may have let me know asap!

These positions will soon be taken off the market!

Just get back to whoever sent you to view this information page ASAP.

Do what you want and earn as much as you can!

The New Revolutionized
Internet Marketing Solution

! click this important & short audio-video below


Only Qualified Founders Are Accepted in Prelaunch

By Invitation Only

“Anything you can Imagine is Real”

Guess What ?!




& this FOR LIFE !

and now RELAX … because this is my show

Your friend from space,

Enjoy also our worldwide video view below, it’s an awesome sight to see!