Time Window

To finish the idea,

I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning up the past to make room for the future; <===> both on the inside and with the external world.

This process has been ongoing for a while now as I left the automotive synthetic world as a developer and transitioned into the Internet world reading and experiencing it more than twice. Finally, I decided to found a place called inDoorMunich  – in the near future many wonderful things will go on there.

I admit, i had real 5 friends in all this period helping me out.

Let’s conclude this idea:

There are billions outhere with all kind of stuff and things, very few realized the call of the new times.

Corporate Social Responsibility
– An Introduction

# Corporate Social Responsibility in business is essentially about achieving economic success and competitive advantage by building reputation and gaining the trustof people.
CSR is fast becoming an integral part of corporate strategy, management  practices, business operations and product development.
Corporate Social Responsibility enhances business sustainability, provides new opportunities, develop customer loyalty and improves stakeholder relationships.
It is only recently that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices have
emerged as a priority and companies are beginning to realize CSR’s potential as a strategic management tool.
Wealthy Affiliate University
Wealthy Affiliate University

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We don’t quit when things get tough.”

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